The Celtic Football Club – A Brief History

Irish Marist Brother Walfrid founded the Celtic Football Club back in November 1887. A meeting was formally constituted in St. Mary’s Church hall in Glasgow. Back then they intended to alleviate the poverty in the East End of Glasgow by raising money for charity funds through football matches.

The charity named “Poor Children’s Dinner Table” has been supported by the Celtic Football Club since then.

Why Is It Called “Celtic”?

Walfrid came up wit640px-Celtic_team_-_November_2010h the name “Celtic”. It reflects the club’s Irish and Scottish roots which were part of those who attended the initial founding meeting of the football club. The club’s official nickname was “The Bhoys”.

However, for many, the Celtic Football Club was known to be “The Bould Bhoys”, based on a postcard from the early 20th century. They inserted “h” for the word “bhoys” because in Gaelic, this is how the word “boy” is written.

Their First Win

The first official match of the Celtic Football Club ever recorded was on May 28, 1888. They won against what would become their longest-standing rival, the Rangers, with a 5-2 score. This was then described to be a “friendly encounter” or a friendly match.

The first person ever to score a goal for the Celtic Football Club was Neil McCallum. Back in 1889, the Celtic Football Club reached the final of the Scottish Cup but lost in the finals. However, they went back in the championships in 1892 which gave them their first win for the said Cup.

They also won the Scottish League Championship for the first time in 1890. In 1895, the Celtic Football Club set their highest home score of 11-0 against Dundee.

The Celtic Football Club won their 100th major trophy back on November 27, 2016, when they defeated Aberdeen with a score of 3-0 in the League Final Cup.

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